Industrial Pipe Shelving

Pipe shelves are great if you want to add an industrial-chic touch to your home. They are very versatile and can be used in any room. There are tons of uses for pipe shelves and lots of places where you can mount them and install them.

In a contemporary bedroom you can install pipe shelves and create a simple and open décor. Paint them or keep the natural look to match your room.

I bet this is not what yo pictured when you imagined kitchen island shelves. It’s actually a very interesting idea: adding shelves on top of the island for extra storage. The pipes go all the way up to the ceiling and keep the island secure.

Another great place where shelves are particularly useful is the home office. A nice idea is to build a shelving unit to also incorporate the desk or work station.

The space underneath the stairs usually remains empty and there’s no point in wasting all this space when some shelves would fit perfectly there. Make the most of your home. A system of simple pipe shelves would look great here and you can even turn the space into a work area.

An open closet is a great way of saving space in the bedroom. Pipe shelves are a very nice choice: easy to install, versatile and great for a rustic-industrial type of décor.

Similarly, pipe shelves would make a nice addition to a alk-in closet. You get tons of storage space for bags, shoes and accessories. Use reclaimed wood if you wish to highlight the industrial or shabby chic look.

There are lots of storage requirements in the kitchen and shelves are great for storing spices or for displaying accent features. Install them above the backsplash and secure them to the ceiling.

Save floor space by installing suspended shelves. Secure the pipes to the ceiling and get a nice corner storage unit for your kitchen. Great for tiny spaces such as this area near the window where regular cabinets would be a tight fit.

Here’s another great use for pipe shelves: build a wall extension. You can get extra storage and display shelves or even create partitions in an open floor plan.

A more complex shelving system could be used in a home library. For example, you could even cover an entire wall in shelves and have ladders to access the top ones.