Reclaimed Wood Mirrors

Up-cycling is an environmentally aware design process that helps you reduce your carbon footprint. An example of upcycling (one that I really love) is mirrors framed with reclaimed wood. This type of wood often comes from old deconstructed buildings; once retrieved, it’s repurposed into home furniture and accessories. An advantage of reclaimed wood is that its age and imperfections give it lots of character.

A mirror framed with reclaimed wood is an unexpected decorative piece with real rustic charm.


It’s a statement piece that can also be the focal point in your room, like this floor model.

Maybe you don’t want to have such a huge statement piece in your room. If so, then make it smaller and mount it on the wall. It still will draw your eyes over to it!

By painting your reclaimed wood frame, you can give it an entirely different look and make it easier to blend it in with your existing home decor.