Up-cycled Shipping Container Homes

Believe it or not, there was a time when shipping container homes seemed like nothing more than a novel idea. While many saw the sustainability benefits from building a home with recycled shipping containers, most thought they looked much too ugly to call home. Well thankfully there are talented designers out there, with a much better knack for creativity and design than us. It’s these designers, architects, and outside of the box thinkers that have taken the trend of shipping container homes to new heights over the years. What was once just a bizarre thought has now become the ultimate dream for many of us.

These days there are a handful of companies waiting to make your dream become a reality, some right here in the United States. These steel shipping container homes (often referred to as storage container houses) are completely manufactured in a factory-controlled environment, so there is no need to worry about reliability or quality control. All you have to do is supply the land, and the money of course. Next comes the design process. What exactly are you looking for? Would you like a single container transformed into a small studio or office space? Or how about a collection of shipping containers fused together in order to create a much more spacious residence?